What We Do


We constantly consult with the elders or anybody that is directly attached to any event or the historical content of Mamelodi. We would still urge anyone with knowledge or pictures of the past happenings that occurred in Mamelodi or who could share Art or Craft that has attachment or uniqueness to Mamelodi.


Researching, collecting and documenting any historical event, individuals, areas, institutions and any material deemed necessary relating to one of the oldest and largest townships in South Africa.


Deliver a platform as well creating sustainable opportunity for long lasting Tourism environment which is aimed at creating a drive for investment for local economy.


Show the national heritage character of Mamelodi within the South African historical landscape and its contribution in the various spheres of human endeavour such e.g. Politics, Sports, Arts and Culture, Literature, Entertainment and Education.



: 29 Aug 2015

Heritage Celebration Solomon Mahlangu Freedom Square

The First Annual Tshwane Heritage all white party, where Mosito Wa Memelodi was tasked to display the History and take the guest on a tour around showcasing the prestigious township.

: 14 Sept 2015

Exhibition Eskia Mphahlele Library Tshwane

The idea behind the exhibition is to show case the events, activities, associations and development of important aspects of the livelihood of Mamelodi over the ages dating from the 1800’s. What we wish to communicate to the audience is the significance of Mamelodi as a national bench mark within the historical land scape of South Africa, thus highlighting developmental stages and historic events in various spheres of human experience.

: 28 Sept 2015

Exhibition Stanza Bopape Library Ext4 IT Centre

This exhibition has been brought to the people of Mamelodi. The exhibition seeks to take the people of Mamelodi down memory lane in terms of highlighting the road Mamelodi has travelled so far. It has become important to take the exhibition around various locations to showcase the rich history Mamelodi has to offer.

: 6 November 2015

Debate and Discussion Stanza Bopape Library Ext4

Mosito Wa Mamelodi wishes to inform and invite interested individuals for discussion on the past happenings in Mamelodi.

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