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Since July 2013, Mošito wa Mamelodi has been involved in a process of researching, collecting and documenting any historical event, individuals, area, Institution or whatever material deemed necessary relating to one of the oldest and largest townships in South Africa.

Every day is spent researching and digging this illustrious, proud oral history which has, over the years, contributed immensely to the rich South African economic and politico-social tapestry.

THUS, MOŠITO WA MAMELODI, EXISTS IN ORDER TO MAKE A POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION TO HERITAGE AND TOURISM IN SOUTH AFRICA. We do this by researching, promoting and preserving local heritage and reviving some of the main heritage sectors to make an impact to township tourism.

A tourism Route of both Political and Heritage nature has been developed to showcase all attractions on offer in Mamelodi. There are over Seventy Six (76) Sites of interest to visit in Mamelodi. The Mamelodi History dates back from the 1600’s with illustrious happenings and events of Historical importance.

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History is an interesting subject. The heritage of place is information to the people and resident of that people and direct or indirect link to that area.

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Aubrey Mogase Chief Executive Officer
Thabo Mabasa General Manager
Glenn Mashao IT and Media