Dr Nico Smith's House

Involves an in-depth research and documentation of a number of prominent local personalities, events, areas, institutions and other structures relevant to the areas heritage with the aim to preserve promote or revive.

Mohlabane Mashiangwako

A Revered, Respected, Internationally Acclaimed artist. His work's are displayed in various locations in South Africa e.g. Unisa Campus in Pretoria.

The First Housing Unit

The aim of this project is to, among others, research, compile and document the history of Mamelodi as a national benchmark which is capable of being updated as may be required from time to time.

Mamelodi Pride and Joy

Vusi grew up in the Mamelodi township, just outside of Pretoria, South Africa, where he still resides. As Vusi tells it, he grew up a happy kid and was blind to the injustices in his country.

Moretele River

River runs through Mogale Mountains. The scenery is breath taking. Nature Hiking trail and Mountain climbing.

Mohlabane Mashiangwako

Art work by Mohlabane Mashiangwako

4509 Sibande Street Section N, Mamelodi West, 0122

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